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Working Girl

To accurately describe how excited I am, this post would need to really just be one long “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” that extended to about 10x that length. But that wouldn’t be very informative.

I started working. In an office. In a real, live, big name London publishing company. It’s perhaps cliche to say it’s a dream come true, but what else can I possibly call it? Working from home was nice for awhile. I really did enjoy staying in my pajamas and hitting the grocery store whenever I wanted, and going to the gym at 11 AM. But it was all easily and happily given up. I’m in a great place, with great people, in an excellent neighborhood.

Each morning on my walk from Tottenham Court Road, I pass the Phoenix Theatre. The same show has been running at this theater since I was 17, and I visited the first time I came to London. It geographically marks where I consciously sealed my own fate; A place where I decided I just would absolutely die if I didn’t live here one day. I saw Blood Brothers with half of my school, and I don’t know if anyone else felt the way I did after that trip. But for me, there was never going to be anywhere else that made me happy after that. And now I walk by this place every day, and give it a little wink to say good morning. Close to 9 months in to our life here, and closing in on some sense of normalcy, it’s reminding me just how remarkable life can be.

And now I’m going to go get drunk with a bunch of English people at a Mexican restaurant owned by Americans.

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