They’re Coming to America

So, I decided somewhat last minute that I needed to get back to the US for some time this summer. Since I’d expected to have a real job at this point, I didn’t think that was going to happen. But since I’m still freelancing, and…quite frankly, kinda livin’ the dream right now (whether I want to be or not)… I decided I needed a week of real summer. I needed to see some ocean. I needed to see my family, and spend a week on the farm, and have ice cream from Somerset Creamery.

So I’m flying from Heathrow to Boston on Monday, for a week. This will only be my second international flight alone, and frankly—I really am totally uncomfortable with that. I’ve been doing really well lately on our short flights, and not freaking out. But 7 hours is a different story. What’s the lamest thing that can happen to someone who loves to travel? To suddenly, in their late twenties, develop a moderate-to-intense fear of flying, and intense-to-severe claustrophobia. It’s better if Chris is there so I can squeeze his arm, and to make me feel like someone will take care of me if suddenly the Xanax turns on me. That said, the prospect of reading Game of Thrones for six unadulterated hours is getting me through. I wonder if I’ll get a flight attendant who decides they don’t care if I keep my Kindle on through take-off, or one who will require me to go BALDWIN. Reading is as good for me as Xanax. (How’s that for an advertising tagline?)

Things I learned the last time I visited the US: It’s really weird to be “home” and not have regular use of a cell phone. It’s really weird not to walk to the grocery store. It’s really weird to suddenly crave terrible food you didn’t know you missed.

Aside from that, this will be the longest Chris and I have been apart, since, um, I think, ever? Guess we’ll see how this goes!

But I am thrilled to get to spend some time with my family, and wear SHORTS!

Upon my return, we will be heading to Paris on Friday, the 24th for a long weekend. That day we’ll celebrate two really amazing things: First, our 8TH MONTH living in the UK, and second, the date that, ten years ago, Chris and I played cards at a dorm room kitchen table and sealed our fates forever.


2 thoughts on “They’re Coming to America

  1. yael says:

    I approve of your travels even though it is maybe the only week this summer I wasn’t going to be away or didn’t have family here. So basically you are selfish for not wanting to wait around just in case a crazy lady and two toddlers wanted to eat on benches at Giraffe. But you are not selfish for wanting to do all that awesome stuff on the East Coast. Hurrah for USA summertime!

    I wish you a great flight (I think it will be with all that good reading). And even sweeter, Paris sounds wonderful. I almost teared up thinking of you and Chris meeting over dorm room cards. Was it assh*le? That was the only card game I ever learned.

    (Oh, one of the better decisions I have ever made was to buy a cheap pay-as-you-go phone in the US. Do it.)

    • marissa says:

      Guurrrrl, we are gonna do sooooooo much sittin’ on benches this fall. (I mean autumn. I think.) JUST YOU WAIT.

      It was totally Asshole. I was all coy with the “every time I learn how to play this I’m drunk, so I always forget!” And then we took shots of tequila. And pretty much it’s been a lot of that, ever since. Except with slightly less “coy,” and lots more “for the love of God please stop leaving your shoes there.”


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