More about Horses

Is there really anything more adorable than the miniature Tower Bridge they’ve created for the show jumping court? (Is that what it’s called? A court? I have no idea, obviously.) It slightly beats out the adorable miniature Lions-from-Trafalgar-Square and miniature St.-Paul’s-Creepily-Split-in-Halfs. Are they even showing this in the US? I don’t think I can remember ever watching half of the events I’ve seen this time around. Generally, I’m much more of a winter Olympics kind of gal, but I remember watching a decent amount of the Beijing Olympics, and seriously don’t remember half of these things.

Speaking of Beijing, I read an article about how to pronounce it. (Who knew?! Not me.)

(Sorry, I keep getting distracted by the little hurdle game on Google. My best time so far is 14.9 seconds.)

Here are my favorites from this course. (It’s called a course!)

Miniature Post Boxes (or are these enlarged?) [Image: ShropshireStar]

Miniature Tower of London. [Image: BusinessInsider]

Miniature Stonehenge. [Image: London2012]

Miniature Big Ben. [Image: London2012]

Miniature Big Ben with London Eye. [Image: Telegraph/Getty Images]

Miniature Tower Bridge. [Image: Yahoo]


2 thoughts on “More about Horses

  1. M says:

    I really wanted to watch the three-day-eventing, and NBC promised me show jumping, at least (not as exciting as cross-country, but still exciting), on Saturday, but I tuned in, and it was just more volleyball. So I threw my remote into the air and gave up.

    • marissa says:

      Oh no! It was on pretty much non-stop here. But that’s what happens when you have a member of the royal family on the team, I guess? Or, just…when you live in England.


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