What kind of name is “Tal” anyway?

What. a. week. We traveled to our first new country together in FOUR years! (I’m not counting Mexico and Jamaica. I guess I should.) We had a Diamond Jubilee! IT RAINED A TON! Okay, that last part is not a surprise!

And really, all I have the time to write about right this second is the fact that I turned on the 90s station on Spotify and am just reeling over the song “She’s So High” by Tal Bachmann, which you should all immediately listen to if you haven’t in the past ten years (as I had not). A guaranteed good time.


2 thoughts on “What kind of name is “Tal” anyway?

  1. yael says:

    Oh I loved/love that song!

    Tal is a Jewish name ;) You must know this from your New Jersey years… But this guy was LDS. They do love copping other groups’ bibilical names.


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