What an exciting week. We went to the Royal Albert Hall for the first time. I got a serious sunburn in Hyde Park on Saturday because we have been having PHENOMENAL weather (as a reward for all the rain, I am certain). I started reading A GAME OF THRONES, for the love of God! And now we’re awaiting the arrival of Chan tomorrow morning, getting ready to leave for Norway on Thursday, and celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee on Tuesday. I get that you guys might not totally understand what exactly that means for the city I live in. And these photos don’t even scratch the surface of what is happening around me, but they are a taste of the patriotic hysteria that is surrounding us:

THERE IS BUNTING EVERYWHERE. I have died and gone to Cutesy English Heaven.

Friday night we went out with one of Chris’s colleagues and it was super fun. We went to a “90s” night at an indie bar and everyone knew every word to every Hot Hot Heat song and it was like we had been transported to some alternate universe. (I put it in quotes because they were a bit generous with their “decade” standards.) But seriously, English people are rad and when they get drunk, it’s kind of something special. Beyond what you can imagine, really. Large groups of typically very conservative people who drink their weight in under two hours and then become an entirely different group of people. Not like in New York where at a “90s” night, everyone would just be standing around trying their best to look cool and playing with their hipster glasses and mustaches without daring to move anything but their right heel and lower right calf. NO, this was a room full of strangers hugging each other, jumping around, spilling booze on each other, and singing at the top of their lungs to songs most people I know have never even heard of. Most. Fun. Ever. Arrived home somewhere in the realm of 3:30 AM.

We did not go here, but it was next door, and because I am sort of a twelve-year-old, I laughed:

I will leave you now with one final bit of Curious-Englishness:

Trouser leggings?

(Yes, that’s Twiggy in the background.)



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