Smells like America.

I will have you know that between Chris and I, this was said at least 10-15 times yesterday. Because gosh darnit, it does smell like America here.

Yesterday was our first full day back in the States, and it was pretty amazing. Squished in the back seat of a rental car with my ladies, on the way to Fiona’s rehearsal dinner, I had to pinch myself to remind myself that this isn’t normal anymore. It was so great to be with everyone and in such a beautiful setting.

I stopped into my office first thing yesterday morning, after Chris and I took the train into Penn Station from Secaucus. We made our way downtown during rush hour with huge duffel bags in tow, and I had some meetings. We hopped back on the subway at West 4th to get to BK to meet Mel and Kev and Baby Lewis for the drive up north for the wedding. I never looked around NY thinking about how dirty it was before we left—but WOW it is disgusting. And we waited for more than three minutes for a train and had no idea when it was coming, because there are not nifty little digital boards at each stop telling us how long we will be waiting. I love when people in London complain about the Tube. They have no idea how good they have it.

We ate at Boston Market. It was a tough decision between that and the Cracker Barrel across the street. AMERICA!

So the rehearsal last night was beautiful, and Fiona was so nice to include me in her thank-yous for designing the programs and some of the signage for the wedding today. (Gorge earrings, dear. I cannot wait to wear them. THANK YOU!) I really can’t get over how nice it was to sit at a table full of our friends. I also can’t get over how not-weird it felt… like we never left.



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