Going, Going, Back, Back, to… Newark.

So, our first trip back to the good ol’ U. S. of A. begins tomorrow. We fly from Heathrow to Newark, spend the night with Chris’s family in Secaucus, and then head up to the Hudson River Valley for Frawley-Hawes wedding festivities! From there we’ll spend a few days with friends and family in NJ, and a few more with other friends and family in MA, and then fly back from Logan on Sunday morning.

I have to admit—it feels like a really strange time to be leaving and Chris and I have been saying that a lot since we planned this trip. We feel like we’re just getting into the swing of things here. And I am just starting to get really into job-hunting, and we just saw my parents; it feels like we’re uprooting at a strange, volatile time. That doesn’t make me any less excited to see everyone and happy about the time I’m going to get to spend with my friends this week—because believe me, I am THRILLED for the next few days. That’s obviously enough to get me up and over any weird feelings about leaving here! But, it’s worth noting. Because I think it does mean we’re really happy here and we worry about our potentially limited time in this country. There is so much to see and do, and so much setting down of some roots to do!

Yesterday, to prepare for our trip, I went to Primark. I bought a maxi dress, two sweaters, an (cough—Union Jack—cough) iPhone case, a pair of colored jeans (I’m going to wear pink pants and you’re going to like it), and two shirts for £30 (less than $50). Aaaand, it was soooo weird, I was at the one on Oxford Street and the lights kept going out so I was freaked out the cash registers were going to be down (they weren’t) and I would be late for lunch with Yael so I didn’t even go to the second floor. Sooo (so weird, again!) I went back to the one in Hammersmith today to fill in my incomplete research from yesterday. And, another £15 on three pairs of shoes and gifts for you folks at home (hey, big spender!) and I feel like I really gave it my full attention.  Yael and I discussed yesterday how to describe Primark, the most glorious of glorious stores there is on this side of the pond. Because it really is a complete mash-up of 30 different American stores. It is like Forever 21’s clothes selection wiiiith a million other things incorporated. And the dresses are nicer and less skanky. And it might even be a little bit cheaper. They also have baby clothes and a huge shoe section, and a huge pajama and undergarment section, and bathing suits, and stuff for dudes, AND housewares. I know. My mind is blown, as well. The accessories might not be quite up to par with Forever 21’s, is my only complaint. I’m still sussing that out. I’ll get back to you. Honestly, when we really break it down here—and I know this is going to be controversial—I might be happy to trade Target for Primark. I mean, I can get my sponges and Clorox wipes elsewhere. Where can you get Union Jack iPhone cases and sunglasses and cowboy hats and imitation Spanx all in one place?!

Anyway: time to pack! I will try to keep updating while I’m away, because I got some very good advice about posting and readers and such, and you would think after spending my professional life urging marketers to blog frequently to build a dedicated and loyal readership, some of that would have sunk in. Pot, meet Kettle.


The Kettle

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3 thoughts on “Going, Going, Back, Back, to… Newark.

  1. yael says:

    I cannot believe they have iPhone covers there! I will have to check that out. And just whilst you’re mulling over whether Primark’s accessories are up to snuff, please know my current favourite bracelet on earth is from there.

  2. andrea says:

    Their baby clothes are awesome, every time my daughter wears something from there people always ask where it is from, and I can never describe Primark appropriately to them.

  3. Michelle lake says:

    Any place that sells cowboy hats and imitation Spanx in one place sounds like one great place to me! Also sounds like the recipe for a great party!


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