Getting Back in the Game.

Sorry about all of the downer posts lately and, actually, the overall lack of posts. I swear we’re really happy here and things are going swimmingly. We are making friends and having a great time! We went on a booze cruise up the Thames on Saturday with some new friends and I am really so excited about the next few months.

I just watched television for like, five minutes, though, so I have plenty to talk about now. It’s cool.

  • Since they don’t use the word “coupon” here, sites like Groupon do not make sense. So, instead, they have Wowcher. Get it? Like “voucher.” Which is, like… a coupon?
  • Did you guys know that Kate Moss is still, like, a thing here? Chick’s everywhere.
  • And Ryan Reynolds did Marks & Spencer ads?
  • I’m sorry, but am I the only person who loves the ridiculous cameos that show up on Gossip Girl? April Bloomfield? And hi, Sloane Crosley and all of those lit-folk when Dan was getting published? One time I was in the elevator at RH with her and I was talking myself out of being starstruck, but she was dressed really cool so it was hard. And, did that doorman just ask Rufus what he thought about The Magnetic Fields? What I’m saying is that this show is better than it gets credit for. You can’t tell me tweens are picking up on Martin Amis references. Let’s just pretend that I’m not currently watching an episode that is not at all making sense to me because I can’t even count how many eps I’ve missed. And it happens to be about a Brit-themed party thrown by Dan and Blair. (And, sorry, Serena is Gossip Girl? I should never have moved to this country.)
  • I don’t even want to talk about New Girl. I live in fear of facebook status updates these days and the spoilers they may contain.
  • They love saying “the new hit series from America!” or “the new, hit snack food from America!” here for everything they advertise. I’m serious:  That’s how they market Pop Chips here.



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2 thoughts on “Getting Back in the Game.

  1. andrea says:

    New Girl is the best show on tv right now, hands down!

  2. Michelle lake says:

    Glad you posted! :-) Cannot wait to see you soon!


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