Who Built the Ark? Noah! Noah!

Something important for you to know about me is that the summer between fifth and sixth grades, I went to a summer camp in Rhode Island that was—strictly speaking—an “Episcopal” summer camp. (I know, I can’t believe Elaine allowed that either. It was only for a week.) We attended services every single morning, and they had wine after communion, and I was so nervous I drank it every day because I didn’t know what else to do, and it was a turning point in my life when on the way home, I told my mom, and she said “You could have just skipped it if you didn’t want to do it!” (Mind = blown.) I learned to dive in a lake and made a friend from Foster-Gloucester who I thought of every snow day* from there on after, and I also learned lots of Christian songs, like “Who Built the Ark?” and something else called “Arky, Arky.” And, I’m just gonna be honest at this point and say that for the past 15 years I’ve merged what I remember of these two songs into one song and was shocked to find out (just now in my efforts to post video for you) that they were actually two different songs. Please, enjoy:

I tell you about this because every time it rains for an extended period of time, I cannot help but sing these songs(/this song) in my head. And let me tell ya, I’ve been singing these a lot over the past few days, because: It has rained for something like 16 straight days here. And I don’t mean just a little sprinkle. I mean full-on, pouring rain, on and off, all day, for two weeks straight. And it will be blindingly sunny for ten minutes at a time between the bouts of downpour—absolutely bi-polar weather. Up until two weeks ago, we’d had exactly ONE day with real rain since we’d arrived here, and it had been absolutely beautiful otherwise. Chris and I had convinced ourselves (oh, how obnoxious we are!) that English people “just like to complain” and that it was a Greenland/Iceland thing where they try to trick people into staying off their turf. Turns out, they were not lying, and we’re just assholes. I understand now why English people all run outside at the slightest hint of sunshine. I am doing everything I can to book a sunny vacation because I am SO SAD.

I actually stood up against our tall radiator yesterday, closed my eyes, and pretended I was on a beach. I need to go get some Vitamin D supplements. It is getting real real here, my friends.

That said, this is actually really good news for the country, which is in drought right now. They say that even with all of this crazy rain, they’re not ready to lift the water bans they have in some areas.

In other, more fun news: We’re headed to The Great Brixton Bake-Off tomorrow in an attempt to get back to our foodie roots. Chris and I have been doing a decent job at populating the Rolodex of restaurants and other food-related establishments, but it’s shaky ground and I feel SO WEIRD not being in-the-know in my home city’s food scene. Last night we hit up The Old Fire Station, a pub in the ‘hood that gets a couple of gold stars in the Hussavello book.

A week from today, we’ll be back in the states for a week! By the time we get back we’ll have almost been living here for FOUR MONTHS. I can’t believe how quickly time is passing here.

*This joke will make sense to .004% of you. From Wikipedia: “Ponaganset is notable in RI because it averages a disproportionate number of winter weather-related cancellations each year. The cancellations are, in part, because the towns of Foster and Glocester have higher elevations than the rest of Rhode Island and are located in the unofficial ‘snow belt.'”


One thought on “Who Built the Ark? Noah! Noah!

  1. Those Foster Glocester kids were the worst. They NEVER had school.


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