Welcome to the least exciting blog post ever.

I wish I was kidding.

Last week Elaine and Russ visited, so I will eventually have lots to share from their trip, but in the meantime, here’s another round-up of odds and ends from the iPhone that haven’t made it out for public viewing yet:

The highlight of my life, thus far, at King’s Cross before departing for Leeds:

Chris finally making good on my 2011 “birthday present.” He will argue that he has a year to do it, but the last time I checked, good birthday gifts didn’t come with clauses.

The fabled orange panna cotta dessert in Leeds:

Chris’s face in a spoon:

I don’t know. I mean. You’d take this picture if your glass said this.

Aaaand, last, and most certainly least, a photo of my breakfast one morning.

Listen. I told you right up front what to expect with this one.

I just proceeded to open and eat 60% of a tub of hummus that said to use before April 19. I’m just saying it here in case Chris comes home to find me dead, so then you guys will all know what happened.



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