2-Month Anniversary Weekend (and some catch-up).

So, I realized there are a few photos from our “Moving Day” that I didn’t share, as I hadn’t taken anything from my new UK phone and uploaded it to the computer. My new UK phone is an Android. And I hate it, because it is not an iPhone. I actually still carry my iPhone around with me to take photos with (as they are significantly better – you’ll see the difference in the terrible ones below) and use whenever I can connect to Wi-Fi. We’ll get them soon. THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY.

So, here’s what our moving-into-our-flat day looked like (the day we had all of our stuff delivered from the US of A) —

One of the first things to be unwrapped by the movers. CELEBRITY RICK:

Our first piece of mail!:

Chris unwrapping his guitars (I’m really not sure I’ve ever seen him so happy):

What our sofa looked like when it arrived (and I then put together like a champ). And no, I don’t have one of the finished product but trust me, it is awesome:

Unrelated — The weather has been amazing the past few days, so I took a conference call on Thursday from a chair in Hyde Park:

Good. Now that you’re all caught up. Moving on.

This weekend was pretty great! We had dinner on Friday night at The Havelock Tavern where I had the best sticky toffee pudding of my life. It’s dangerous that this place is right around the corner from us and I can probably justify visiting at least once a week for it. Guys, I’m not saying I’m skinny—but I am significantly less fat than I should be, given my eating habits. I’m just gonna be honest here: I had McDonald’s last week about four hours before we went to dinner at The Ivy. No one should ever do that. That’s like getting Chinese delivery from down the street with reservations at Ssäm Bar in a couple of hours. And somehow I am not obese. I don’t really understand it.

Ahem. Back to the weekend.

Saturday we ran a bunch of errands in the morning around the neighborhood and I started organizing all of the stuff in our closets. We kind of just hurried to put stuff away so it was out of sight, but it needed a real MEH(A) revamp. So there went four hours of my life. Then we headed over to The Prince Bonaparte in Notting Hill in the late afternoon to bid farewell to Chris’s friend from high school, who is moving back to NY after four years here in London.

Sunday we woke up and were out of the house really early—even given the time change—and took a long walk over to Kensington Gardens and back. The sun was shining and the London girls were out in their booty shorts and cut-off shirts because for some reason girls here apparently don’t understand the very complicated idea of “weather” and “appropriate levels of coverage” in relation to “temperature.” And then there was a dude in a Speedo, full-on sunbathing in the park. I’m not sure I will ever really understand these people. I actually saw a sign in a restroom the other day that encouraged women to “Hot or Cold: Dress appropriately to save energy!” I mean, the fact that we need public service announcements about this is just altogether ludicrous. Sorry I didn’t take a picture. I was in a public restroom.

A map of our walk, which took about two hours total, and also shows you how close we would live to Will & Kate if they actually lived in the palace which I’m not sure they do (click to view larger!):

So then we fell asleep on the couch watching Jamie Oliver (my favorite Sunday past-time aside from going to the pub) and then headed out to Belsize Park to see The Hunger Games with Megan and John. AMAZING. We’ve obviously been looking forward to this movie for years at this point and it did not disappoint. I mean, obviously Chris and I picked it apart the next hour coming home (Where is the mayor’s daughter? Why does Haymitch seem sober? Why is Rue’s mockingjay knowledge suddenly not clearly a reference to slavery?) but overall: WELL DONE, as the Brits would say.


One thought on “2-Month Anniversary Weekend (and some catch-up).

  1. Michelle says:

    SOOOO not lame!! I think I might be the lame one who will be pretty much addicted to this until you come home. (by the way…when is that going to be?!?)


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