Don’t say “sick” here. That means puke. I was “ill” this weekend. I’m feeling a thousand times better now, but Saturday and Sunday were filled with tissues and tea and my Union Jack hot water bottle.

We did make our first trip to the IKEA in Wembley, though. I forced myself to get up and get out of the house on Sunday because I was starting to go stir crazy, which was arguably not the best decision. It was freezing cold and rainy outside, and we waited for 25 minutes for the shuttle to the store. #THAT’S SO ENGLAND. I was a few drops of sanity away from putting my feet under the children’s hand dryer in the restroom when we finally got inside. I mean, no one knows me in this country.

My favorite thing about IKEA in England is the only thing that was different from IKEA in the US. And I—very sadly—did not take a photo of it. (Don’t worry, we’ll be back, I’m sure.) In their living room set-ups, aside from having lots more dainty florals and toiles, they had one with a Victorian fireplace in it. The reno’d gas-fitted Victorian fireplace is pretty much ubiquitous in London flats. It actually seems against the odds that we ended up in a flat without one. But when I saw it in the IKEA, my heart warmed. It was totally adorable.

Before we got here, Chris and I played lots of games. The “Who will come visit us?” game. The “Where will the first place we travel to be?” game. The “When will it feel like home?” game. Well, at IKEA, it felt like home. It just felt so normal, so mundane, but so necessary. Real life!

By the way, we bought a white HEMNES dresser and an entertainment center for the TV we do not yet have. I knew you were all very curious.

Now I have to go to our new flat—which we officially move into on Thursday!—and fight with the management company about taking out multiple pieces of furniture that we do not want anything to do with. England: I really like you, but furnished apartments are pretty much the worst idea ever. I mean, am I really supposed to use this toothbrush holder that someone else has been using for God knows how long? EW.


One thought on “Ill.

  1. Rebecca Jane says:

    Ikea! I love that. Thought of you tonight while I was eating the most absurd foods at a beer dinner (only Ken Oringer would make it okay for me to take a bite of buffalo tongue). I mean, you’d be proud or mortified, maybe a little of both. I know I am. xoxo


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