One is silver.

So today is our one month + one week anniversary in London. That time has completely flown by—I can’t even believe we’re already one month into what is meant to be a 24-month stay. I haven’t even left the city yet! Don’t worry—Chris received our bank cards today, so now we will officially start spending money here like regular people, and taking advantage of flights and trains that require online booking!

You guys all know how excited I was to come here, and how easy of a decision this was for us, but that my one half-fear, if you could really even call it that, was making friends when we got here and leaving such an amazing group of friends behind. I’m pleased to say that both of these seem to be working out swimmingly. You all have been so wonderful about keeping in touch, and I’ve bucked up and made some friends through some nontraditional means. Credit being given where credit is due, of course: Being on this adventure with Chris makes this so easy and happy. This simplified life has brought us to enjoy each other more than we ever have before. No huge grocery shopping trips, no epic drives throughout the tri-state area to get to lunches and brunches and dinners, no slew of DVR’d television to get through, or stuff to pick up around the house, no stuff to weigh us down. We pick what we want to do on Saturday morning, and we take our time getting there. Of course that also means missing the awesome weekend plans, but I’m trying to focus on the positives here. I know also that lots of that will change with moving into our permanent flat this week (no one else is going to come and change my sheets and towels for me once a week so I guess we’ll have to find time for cleaning), but there will still be a sense of minimalism that I am so, so enjoying.

But a girl’s gotta make friends. So some of you know about the blog of a former BK resident that I read before I got here, which prompted me to write to the author and claim that we could probably be best friends, which—rightfully—made you concerned for my sanity. Great news! We had lunch yesterday and she is awesome, as I expected, so: we can all calm down because she’s not a serial killer. Do serial killers shop at Cath Kidston? No. No, they don’t.

Here’s a little peek at the awesomeness that Skype has brought to my life. Honestly, why didn’t we all just videochat to begin with? (Brynn and Elaine’s faces are in response to there being a Harry Potter set tour just outside of the city, and the news that Snooki and JWoww were moving to Jersey City to film their new spinoff, respectively. Cal and Lew were just being regular babies.)

Lots more photos, soon!


2 thoughts on “One is silver.

  1. yael says:

    Now that you guys have your bank cards, you’re probably going to forget we ever met and go on some crazy spending spree on novelty t-shirts at the Shepherds Bush Walkabout. But we’ll always have our mutual love of beets to remember our time together. Oh, wait…

    Not only am I the biggest fan of your blog, and hell, your personality too, but I (heart) the Girl Scout song/poem reference in the title. My thoughts exactly. As soon as I give my kids up for adoption, let’s totes hang again. Is -totes- so 2008? Good.

    • marissa says:

      Sorry, who are you again? I’m wearing 30 t-shirts I can’t quite see through. Just kidding. But we did–in a fit of hunger after going to our flat check-in–go to Westfields again this weekend and ate at Nando’s. We are real Londoners now.


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