Happy birthday, dear Cal.

Yesterday was Chris’s birthday. I made him an egg sandwich, bought him some Frank’s Red Hot and The Inbetweeners movie on DVD, and we had gluten-free pizza. It was my dad’s birthday, too, but the jerk didn’t even sign into Skype once so I could wish him one in person (sorta).

TODAY, though, is Cal’s very first birthday. Being the cutest of the three, he gets special attention. I cannot believe I am missing what will surely be an amazing first birthday party of an amazing little human, and spending time with lovely mum and dad Ally and Tim, so Chris and I put together a gift for him to make ourselves feel better. My first experience with iMovie was surprisingly not horrible. And while I think we can all safely say I do not have a future as a cinematographer, it could be worse for an hour or two of work.

Happy birthday, Husband! Happy birthday, Father! Happy birthday, Callum!



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