I guess we’re doing this.

It’s already hard to remember what we did on what day. And it just seems such a shame to let this time go by without documenting it as well as we possibly can. And seriously, it is really hard to write eighty unique emails to each of you with descriptions of what we’ve done around town. Also, eventually you will get very tired of feeling pressured to respond to such emails, and with a blog, you can very easily claim you read something without hurting my feelings.  You must only promise not to hold me to all of the exaggerated stories of my grammaticalness, as I can already tell this is going to be more shoot-from-the-hip than I’d normally allow myself to publicly publish. All in the interest of archiving for future generations of Hussavellos. Not that I’m thinking about that. (Keep yer shirt on, Mom-berg.)

Did you know it’s $30 to install a custom WordPress theme? Cause it is. Perhaps eventually I’ll splurge. For now, this one’ll do.

So, to quote the Internet: Hello, world!

Augh, I am already embarrassed.




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